The Victorian Museum Experience (a basic guide)

The students enter the school hall to be met by the Museum Curator in full Victorian costume. She will guide them around the display introducing them to the various museum characters; Elizabeth and George from the upper class, Ada and Thomas, the servants, Nellie and Albert, the factory workers, and Martha and Jacob, the farm labourers. As the students walk around, they will have the opportunity to interact with the artefacts and ask questions as the curator explains the characters’ lives. After the group has toured the whole display they will split into small groups and given worksheets to complete together using the displays

During a longer session the children can take part in Victorian craft activities and a selection of Victorian games would be available for the playground during break. These games would include: wooden hoops, skipping ropes, skittles, yoyos, marbles, quoits, spinning tops, jumping jacks and diabolo cups. For rainy days there would be a selection of Victorian board games, indoor toys and word games. Victorian craft activities and other Victorian pastimes Making a thaumatrope Making lavender bags Making a Victorian postcard Decoupage Scrap books Sewing & embroidery Making up a story for the toy theatre.

The children may also dress up in some of the museum characters’ clothing. The school could arrange for someone to take photos of the children in the costumes if they wished. To help all schools with consolidating what the children have learnt, there will be an optional Victorian scrapbook competition. The class produces and enters a scrapbook and a prize will be awarded to the winning entry. On an individual basis there will be an essay competition on ‘The Victorian Day in the life of ..’ giving the children the chance to choose which character they would like to write about. All entries can be submitted after the visit and a prize will be awarded at the end of the school year. Further details on request.

Setting up the Victorian Museum
A hall or gym 10 tables Access to an electrical socket Access to water (to fill the washing tub) 2 hours set up time (with some teacher and student help. There is also the option of setting up the night before) The school needs to download the student worksheets for the visit. The school needs to print the pre-worksheets for students to complete – this is a short questionnaire and some suggestions as to what they should wear for the day. If there are any specific areas of the curriculum that you would like to be covered, this information should be sent at least 2 weeks prior to the museum day. Clipboards are required for the children to do the worksheets on. A teacher is required to be present at all times 1½ hours is needed to pack up with some teacher and student help.

Schools can book a block session so that different year groups may be accommodated over a day or couple of days.

The Victorian museum experience prices start from £300 per half day, and from £600 for a full day. Schools outside of London will incur some travel costs.


Long view of the 8 Victorian children, their information boards and artefacts


The Museum Curator with students, standing in front of the Victorian schools display boards


Elizabeth and George upper class children


Ada and Thomas, Victorian servants


Nellie and Albert, factory workers


Martha and Jacob, farm labourers


The Museum Curator with the Victorian children


The Museum Curator


Upper class children Elizabeth and George


Victorian servants, Ada and Thomas


Farm labourers, Jacob and Martha


Ada and Thomas, Victorian servants