To make the museum curator and the Victorian children more three dimensional, the characters have been given fictional interwoven lives. The children will be the same age as your students so they can relate to them more easily.

The museum curator is Lady Elizabeth Emma Louise Havington, the widow of Lord Charles Robert Edward Havington. Lord and Lady Havington were great philanthropists and firmly believed in educating children. After Lord Havington’s death, Lady Havington created the children’s museum in his honour and to carry on with their work.

George and Elizabeth are the grandchildren of Lord and Lady Havington and live on the estate.

The other 6 children in the museum are the grandchildren of Lady Havington’s retired personal maid, Mary Wright, who is married to the head gamekeeper of the Havington estate, Samuel Wright. The children Ada and Thomas (servants), Nellie and Albert (factory workers) and Martha and Jacob (farm labourers ) have gone where work has taken them. Discovering why and how they moved extends pupils’ knowledge and allows them compare the very different lives all the children led and to contrast them with twenty-first century life.