A basic workshop would break down as follows:
● A short lecture on the history of the selected period.
● A demonstration by Janette of the modelling and cutting of the period on a tailors dummy and some flat pattern cutting where needed.
● A sort introduction to the relevant sewing techniques and a brief lesson on how to use an industrial sewing machine.
● How to fit a first stage costume on a artist with a list of key fitting points.
● Students would model and cut part of a costume in calico and make it up ready for a first fitting.

Depending on the length and type of the workshop booked, Janette can also teach students about the correct corsets, petticoats and frames, (ie. Tudor farthingales, panniers, and Victorian crinolines etc) that are needed.
● At the end of most most workshops students will leave with calico toiles, paper patterns and costume information work sheets and a much better understanding of their chosen period.

Costume workshops are available for groups of students as well as individuals, sessions are normally held at the students school but for small numbers, workshops can be arranged at Janette’s studio. Depending on the number of students the workshops would start from £ 50 per hour, groups rates can be arranged and the workshop tailored to suit the needs of your students. For a corset and frame workshop additional costs would be incurred for spirals, busks and crinoline steel. Workshops can also be booked for corporate events and other private organisations.

Costume workshop prices start from £300 per half day, and from £600 for a full day, depending on the group size. Individual sessions will be charged accordingly. Venues outside of London will incur some travel costs.