Let the museum curator bring Victorian life to your school. Students can interact fully with artefacts from spinning tops to wash tubs and flat irons to jumping jacks. They can role play with the museum characters and try writing with an ink pen, copying their letters as a Victorian child would have done – with no blots allowed!

LIVING HISTORY An interactive touring museum, which brings Victorian life to your school. This unique experience for years 4-7 aims to enrich pupils’ knowledge and broaden their understanding of life in Victorian times with multiple artefacts and pupil interaction.

COSTUME LECTURES AND WORKSHOPS Janette shares her 30 years as a top costumier through bespoke lectures and workshops, designed to meet the needs of GCSE, A Level and university drama and Fashion/Textiles students. Sessions are tailored to the unique needs of each group or individual and can be theoretical, practical or a combination of both. Her wide expertise ranges from an in-depth knowledge of historical costume construction to all the intricacies and technical aspects of fabric and design. Students can also benefit from Janette’s unique insight into the background workings of the entertainment industry.